300dpi Colour Portrait Maxine Sullivan1I have to say that I pretty much blame my mother for all this. If my dear Mum wasn’t an avid reader of romance, then I might not have fallen in love with romance novels myself. And then I wouldn’t have decided to write my own romances. Thanks Mum!

Of course, I never thought it would take me over 20 years before I saw my first piece de résistance in print. Perhaps I wouldn’t even have tried, but you know, I think I still would have reached for my dream. Romance novels offer such wonderful affirmations about love and relationships that I can’t imagine not wanting to share my stories with others.

I currently live in Australia but over the years have travelled to New Zealand, the UK, and the USA. In my own backyard, my husband’s job ensured we saw the diversity of the countryside, from the tropics to the outback, country towns to the cities. I find it very fitting that I sold my first manuscript on January 26th 2006, which is Australia Day in my country.

Since that fateful day, I have had 12 books published by Harper Collins (Harlequin Desire line), selling over 2 million copies worldwide in as many as 20 languages (and no, I don’t get a dollar per copy – I wish I did!). Two of my books reached the USA TODAY Bestseller List. I’m also published in short stories worldwide in national magazines like Woman’s Day, New Idea, My Weekly, and have sold short stories to the True Confession magazines.

Thank you for dropping by my website. I’m always happy to hear from my readers.